Port Lagan

The financial and economic justification of the port was sent to the Government of the Russian Federation

A financial and economic justification for the construction of a seaport in the city of Lagan has been sent to the Government of the Russian Federation.
The document was prepared on behalf of the Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin, it was given as part of an individual program for the socio-economic development of Kalmykia.
In particular, the document states that the construction of the seaport of Lagan is of geopolitical importance for Russia, since it is being created to integrate the transport complex of one of the subjects of the Russian Federation - the Republic of Kalmykia - into the world transport system by participating in the formation of international transport corridors.
The financial and economic feasibility study for the construction of the seaport was prepared by the experts of JSC "Port Lagan" together with regional executive authorities with the participation of consulting companies "Nordeng" and Portia Management Services Limited.
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