Port Lagan

The construction of a seaport in Lagan was discussed at the economic forum

Ochir Ochirov, Head of the Lagansk RMO, gave a detailed report on the project for the construction of a seaport in Lagan at the economic forum held in Elista. According to him, this project is the most promising project in the transport and logistics industry for Kalmykia. The port will be focused on transshipment of grain, container, general and refrigerated cargo.
It is worth noting that during the work of the section “Economy and Investment: Overcoming the Economic Consequences in a Pandemic”, many questions were received from those present in the hall and online participants of the forum. They also touched upon the construction of the seaport of Lagan and the attitude of other regions towards this project.
“In order to develop the export potential of Russia, we should talk about cooperation. The flow of goods passing through international transport corridors will be enough to load all nearby ports, including the ports of Olya, Astrakhan and the promising port in Lagan,” the Head of the Lagansk RMO emphasized.
According to Kazbek Khadikov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Astrakhan Region - Minister of Economic Development of the Astrakhan Region, the economic activity of neighbors leads to the growth of the economy of all nearby regions, this is not a competitive growth, but a development that will bring profit to both the regions and the state as a whole.
Officials from Kalmykia and Astrakhan agreed that the planned construction of a port in Lagan would complement the existing Russian port infrastructure in the Caspian. The increase in cargo traffic, the opening of additional logistics facilities and the development of container transportation are beneficial for all Caspian regions.

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